From a few steps from San Giovanni in Laterano, Catalea is a creative studio that aims to run out and support multimedia projects in Rome.

Catalea emerged from an idea of two friends – Davide Ambrogio (musician) and Walter Laureti (Sound engineer & producer) – who created a space in order to express and build up their own aesthetics. The project is born as a response to the necessity of finding a space to shape the sounds coming from traditional sources and taking care of the resonance for each sound creating the optimal musical landscape in every work.

The project unfolds its way when a few months after its creation, and besides the initial music core, Valeria Taccone (photographer & videomaker) makes it possible to translate this emerging soundscape into a visual concept. Therefore, the union of a professional recording studio, able to meet specific quality standards, and a photographic set, to design and develop visual projects, becomes the perfect duo.

Our recording and production room works on combining acoustic sounds with electronic soundscapes while seeking for embodied aesthetics. An analog outboard backs up a wide collection of traditional and classic instruments in addition to analog and digital synthesizers, making music production our footprint. Interfacing antipodal sources sets our music vision in its sonic essence – routing traditional needs into forward-looking forms.

Side by side, a second room consisting of a photographic set provides an essential visual environment. Besides high-standard lighting, cameras, and video equipment, the set is a warm and vibrating space where it becomes possible to focus on the inwardness of each project and bring it to light.

In its first three years, the convergence of multiple expertise let the studio gain a toehold for expressing a particular aesthetic vision, making Catalea a place where a creative urge arises.